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Frizzy, fine and dry hair

02 December 2014 in Reeves and Gallagher 3235 hits

  FOR FINE HAIR INVATIFor fine and thinning hair. Clinical studies show that using Invati thickening shampoo over 12 weeks…

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AVEDA Christmas gifts of joy @ Reeves and Gallagher

13 November 2014 in Reeves and Gallagher 1885 hits

  Feeling Calm Is A Gift: £27 Shampure™ Hand Relief™ and travel size Hand Relief™ in original aroma  A Gift…

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Offering Beauty on Demand

03 September 2014 in Reeves and Gallagher 21476 hits

With Summer coming to an end, now is the best time to come and rejuvenate your skin with a plant…

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30 July 2014 in Reeves and Gallagher 669207 hits

  What make KeraStraight KS Complex Treatment the first choice over alternative products?Our product is designed by hairdressers who understand…

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Aveda Products UK: Damage Remedy

30 July 2014 in Reeves and Gallagher 340865 hits

  Natures Remedy for damaged hair - 97% naturally derived*    * from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.6 remedies for stronger…

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