Love your Aveda hair colour - 99% Naturally derived..

Instead of solely relying on chemicals and synthetic couplers in our hair colour formulas, Aveda looked to nature for solutions. Aveda's groundbreaking approach to hair colour began by searching for naturally derived ingredients that could deliver optimal results without sacrificing performance - all while protecting the hair and improving its condition and offering you a bespoke colour service.

Guide to Colouring

Highlighting – Woven colour through hair using foil/wraps to partially colour depending on desired look.

Permanent Colour – Full head to Root touch. To cover or change existing colour, more commitment with 4 – 6 week maintenance

Demi Colour

Full head to tone or change existing colour subtly. Gradually fades over 6- 8 weeks

Colour Balancing/Tonal Glossing – To freshen or to change tone of colour and add shine

Balayage - French free handed highlighting for a natural soft, sun kissed look

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